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What is the Movement?

The WSW Movement is an extended network of multi-generational, visionary women who commit to live a lifestyle dedicated to achieving wellness of mind, body, and spirit. WSW is women working together in a spirit of cooperation, unity and zenergy  to inspire, encourage and empower all women to reach their full potential, each creating their own “herstory”.

What is “Herstory“

“Herstory”, is the fruits of a woman’s life experiences that define her destiny. It is the living and learning that bring together WSW visionaries. WSW visionaries are career women, homemakers, entrepreneurs, all individuals who come together, share ideas, learn from each other and grow together. They organize support groups and present business and self-improvement and wellness seminars, training workshops and networking events. They are individuals, each one committed to the other’s success.


Community Engagement


The WSW Advisory Council

The Women Supporting Women Advisory Council, represents some of the most dynamic and inspirational women business leaders and entrepreneurs in the country. They are trailblazers and innovators in their respective industry, who take the time to offer guidance and direction to help other women navigate an ever-changing marketplace.

                                        ANNA CROOMS                                       BRAND AMBASSADOR


                                   JAISUN G. MCMILLIAN                                          MARKETING/ENTERTAINMENT CONSULTANT

What we DO


We are focused on connecting women to resources that will benefit themselves and their family, such as elder care and housing. We also present events to encourage and engage them socially.

Mentoring NextGen

NextGEN mentorship between volunteers from the business  community can assist in growing our network of future leaders in a broad range of industries and  offer resources for career development.

Mentors share valuable resources, expertise, values, skills and contacts in their industries. Benefits include,  Career development, Building personal networks and personal development.

What Drives you?

We Are On a Mission

Are You A Visionary Woman who could work together with other women and support each other’s dream, patiently and unselfishly one dream at a time? Join the Movement. 

Get Involved

Somewhere a woman or young person waits for a sign of hope. Hope can manifest in a message spoken, by someone with a caring heart. Is that you?

Upcoming Events

Feb 9 The dream Center Raleigh

10am  Fit & Fierce Women’s Conference presented by Vivify.

WSW is foing a PopUP Spa Boutique
Spa Boutique:
Mini-Chair Massage
Hand Treatment
Mini Hand Massage
Zenergy Aromatherapy Products