Deep friendship was aptly described by Aristotle as “a single soul in two bodies”.  You know, the kind of friendship that is like family. When the two souls are separated unexpectedly, wounded by grief, though the bond is everlasting, the loss feels unbearable. Today, I would have made a call to my friend Kaywana T. Wright, affectionately known as Kay, to wish her a Happy 60th Birthday.  Instead I offer this memorial tribute in her honor and celebrate her fruitful and purposeful life.

She gave her all to family and friends, and was a dedicated pioneer and leader in the beauty industry for over 40 years. Kay was the driving force behind many successful businesses. She never set out to be an entrepreneur, but took ownership of each business she managed, as if it were her very own.

From navigating through start up challenges to  million-dollar successes, Kay hit the ground running and rose to the top. She was the heart and soul of the InFlight Salon chain which started in the 80’s in Maryland, and expanded all the way to North Carolina. She was always supportive of innovation, and open to collaborating on the next great idea for the Beauty Industry. Her passion kept her motivated, and comfortable on the cutting edge.  She was a natural at creating and putting systems in place to control and mandate structure to the business. She was a Biz Wiz at increasing the bottom line and making sure her staff had the tools and knowledge to increase their revenue and insure growth. She was committed to providing her customers with an outstanding experience.

Kay’s life path led her to Atlanta, where she worked with Tonya Tymus Bellamy at the start of the successful NSeya Salon and Spa. In 2000, she returned to Raleigh determined to help make the Jolie the Day Spa, located in Cameron Village the great success it became. Eventually returning home to Jolie in Bethesda Md.

She enjoyed a 16-year commitment to Robert Andrews Day Spa, where she lived and breathed the spa industry. Her goal was to encourage clients  to improve their lives from a wellness perspective and her staff to excel in their craft. All of our lives have been touched by Kay and those of us who really got to know her have been blessed. To some she will be remembered as a Fashion icon with impeccable taste for shoes. I knew her heart, and her desire to empower others over self. She will be missed as a loving daughter, sister, dedicated wife, grandmother, “Aunt Kay” “best friend”, “boss” “manager” “co-worker” and “Beauty Industry Leader”. To Kay, My Friend of 40 years,  My sister through many Joys and tears,  and my beauty industry partner on a journey well done. Two souls forever one.