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Founded by Beauty Visionary Carolyn Marshall Covington, Zenergy Aromatics Aromatherapy Products is providing an opportunity to achieve a wellness lifestyle (reduce stress/increase productivity) and create additional personal income, by sharing the experience with others, as a Wellness Lifestyle Advisor. Simply commit to the 5 Step Wellness Journey by Living the Lifestyle and earn money by sharing your experience and testimonies, to inspire and empower others.

No Sales Quotas. Simply Live the Lifestyle, Share, the Experience and Earn the Rewards.  

Our Company is dedicated to promoting Wellness and Harmony of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Achieving Wellness is a process that requires a commitment to living a lifestyle of actively pursuing wellness and emotional well-being.

About the Lifestyle.

All the talk in national media about living a healthier lifestyle probably has you doing some thinking about changes you would like to make in your lifestyle. You may be a little stressed over mounting financial pressures and could use just a little relief. You could also think there are not enough hours in the day, and too many responsibilities to add another job.


Think About This.


You probably know dozens of people, and maybe even hundreds of friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, and business associates you communicate with consistently.

As a group, they represent our target market. Your established network of people may benefit most from our products. It is an awesome opportunity to share your positive energy and uplifting experiences while earning extra income monthly and becoming a profitable easy to manage primary or side business. You may be thinking, you don’t have sales skills.

Think Again. 

When you share your experiences about movies you see, products you have tried or saw advertised, you are simply sharing information you feel will be of interest to like-minded family, friends or associates. Simply, use Zenergy products, see the benefits, share the experience and earn Lifestyle Bucks $cash$.

Referral fees can add up to big bucks

 Let’s Break It Down.

  • You become a *Wellness Lifestyle Advisor in order to get paid for referrals. Sign up for the referral program for a fee of $130 for the *Starter Kit, which includes:

5 Step Aromatherapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blends, 1 Carrier Oil, 2 Roller Bottles and 1 Diffuser

5 Steps to Wellness Kit plus

  • Downloadable Info cards
  • Downloadable Brochure
  • Automatically receive 100 bonus points to redeem for eligible products for your home party or personal use.
  • You will be assigned a unique discount code worth 5%, to share with those who you refer to the website, who shop with you as Preferred Customers

Your unique code identifies you as the referring Wellness Lifestyle Advisor, and is used to calculate sales of *eligible products, attributed to you each month. You will receive bonus points on each 5 Step Wellness Kit sold for the previous month. You will also receive commission in *Lifestyle Bucks earned on all other *eligible products purchased.

Your commission is based on 20% of each cart sale excluding shipping and taxes, to be paid monthly within 30 days of sale. 

The 5 Step Wellness Kit is not eligible for commissions in the compensation plan, however, you will receive 100 bonus points per kit purchased using your unique code. (Refer to the Product Rewards Catalog included with your sales kit.)



POINTS                    REWARD

100                         Tee Shirt

50                           Neck Wraps

100                        16 oz. Bath Salts

100                        16 oz. Foot Soak

100                        8 oz. Body oil

100                        8 oz. Body Butter

100                        8 oz. SkinTouch Carrier Oil

50                          Tea (Champagne & Berries)

NOTE: You are not responsible for any sales tax, shipping or returns as all this will be taken care of automatically through the website reporting. Any sales refunded will be deducted from subsequent commissions You will receive an IRS Form 1099 at the end of the year, indicating that the referral commission compensation is taxable, if we pay you total of $600 or more in any one year.



5 Step Wellness Journey Lifestyle Advisor Inquiry

The Wellness Lifestyle Advisor

The Advisor is an Ambassador/Face and Voice of Our Products. It is important to live the lifestyle and sincerely share your experiences as an inspiration to others looking for peace of mind and opportunities to thrive.

The Wellness Lifestyle Advisor

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